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The introduction of RWB in Europe

In April 2013 Nakai-San arrived in The Netherlands to rebuild the RUF to a Wide body 964 style RWB.

This rebuilding took 6 days at the shop of John Vianen of Vianen Car-refinish in the city of Woerden.

During this week Nakai-San and John Vianen had a click and we agreed we had the same passion for the air-cooled RSR style racy 911's. So, we took up the idea of setting up a European division of Rauh-Welt Begriff in The Netherlands.  Nakai-San trusted this Europe RWB branch to John Vianen and take care of the ideology of RWB in Europe.

The cars will be built at Vianen Car-refinish by Nakai-San and John Vianen. We hope we can create a group of RWB enthusiasts in the future who can drive their wonderful RWB creatures on the road or on the circuit.

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