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How you're Porsche will get the RWB treatment:



First of all, we do not send kits, so you can build a RWB car by yourself.

This is to keep the standard of all the RWB cars at the same high level.

Therefore, you have to send your car to our place in The Netherlands and included in the kit price is the fact that the founder of RWB, Akira Nakai himself will come to the Nether-lands and build the kit to your car, according to your wishes. His accommodation is not included


The standard price of all the kits is 24.000 US$.

On top of this standard kit price you have to add:

- The Wheels (5.500 US$)

- The suspension (5.500 US$)

- Additional body parts, like the championwing or canards

- The Tyre's (depending on version)

- The shipping costs from Japan

- Customs and TAX for all the parts

- The preparing of the kit and spraying in the color of your   choice at VianenCarrefinish


The total of the conversion will be about 50.000 Euro's and more depending on the configuration you have chosen and the exchange rate's


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