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Building the RWB 964 RACE


The car we bought was a mildly tuned Porsche 964 with a lot of RUF tuning elements.
The color was silver and the car was setup as a 964RS with an RS spec engine.
A lightened flywheel, special throttlebody, RS enginemounts, RS clutch and a lot more.
The RUF tuning consist of a RUF brake system with larger calipers and discs. A special RUF suspension.
RUF dashboard dials and steering wheel. Special RUF seats (RS style), and a RS style interior.
The transformation to a 964 RWB widebodystyle with sideskirts took place in october 2013, by Akira Nakai and John Vianen at the RWB Europe shop in Woerden.
The kit consists of all the wide 964 sidefenders, front and rearbumpers with the trackstyle sideskirts and and a GT2 wing with the championwing. We also used the special RWB adjustable suspension shocks to give the car the correct low RWB stance.
The car was build as a companycar for RWB Europe and as showcar for the PorscheFest at Rosmalen in September 2013, with the much appreciated support and help of Akira Nakai and Toshi Ichiraku of RWB Japan.
Check out these pictures.......
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