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Here are some answers of Frequently Asked Questions. If you have more, please email us at
1. Akira Nakai builds all RWB cars around the world. He travels the world to meet with his customers and     creates their personal Porsche. In Europe together with RWB Europe
2. After the customer decides what he wants and payment is wired, the kit usually takes about a couple of month to reach RWB Europe where we will prepare and spray the kit.
3. All RWB kits must be painted and the cars must have suspension, wheels and tires ready during the assembly process. The engine does not have to be finished or installed for the kit to be installed.
4. RWB kits are extremely durable. These are not weak and thin body kits like many others out there. These kits fit PERFECT and when Nakai-san builds an assembles the car, it will end in an exclusive and perfectly setup car.
5. We do not send the kits to your home address so you can build a RWB car by yourself. This is to keep the standard of all the RWB cars at the same high level. 
6. Therefore, you have to send your car to our place in the Netherlands and included in the kit price is that Akira Nakai will build your car here according to your wishes. In special cases, when this is difficult, Akira Nakai will come to your place, where he will build your car.
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